Toys with Sweets

Licensed toys with sweets by wholesale from famous brands - the most popular commodities of the confectionery market!
Buy in the Confitrade company.
Not so long ago, an entertaining and sweet product appeared in the Russian market - a toy with sweets that immediately became attracting for children and their parents. This novelty has become so interesting that children dream of getting such toys as a gift.
Our company is engaged in wholesale sales and supply of licensed sweets and toys from world famous brands. It means that a toy with caramel candy that can be seen in advertising is also in our assortment. Working with our company, you can be completely confident in the integrity of the manufacturer and the highest quality of a product.
Features of toys with candy
Everyone knows such sweet brands as:
• Kikoriki
• Masha and The Bear
• The Fixies and ect.
These toys with candy by wholesale bring a good financial profit and have a great demand which means they are very quickly sold.
Another feature of the sweet toys is their educational nature. Children, in addition to the pleasure of sweets, receive information about popular characters and reasons of their popularity. It encourages a child to learn more information and once again watch favorite cartoons that teach a child to be kind and justice.
Wholesale supply of toys with sweets
Buying toys with sweets by wholesale is very beneficial for owners of a small confectionary business, stores, and other outlets. We supply all the goods placed in our catalog upon prior request.
The assortment of the company is constantly updated. We work with leading manufacturers of toys with sweets. These are brands known all over the world. Manufacturing companies constantly carry out promotions and provide informational support with promotional materials. Children are very thankful buyers. Therefore, selling toys with sweets is easy and simple!

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