Confitrade offers to buy marmalade by wholesale. The assortment consists of both products of well-known licensed trademarks and of products of own production.
It is known that marmalade is loved by everyone: both adults and children. These soft candies made of various juices and sugar so much resemble the taste of childhood.
Ingredients of marmalade
Marmalade on a stick, as well as regular marmalade, is made of fruit or apple puree. The quality of the fruit component is carefully controlled at the production. Also, because of proper processing of fruit, marmalade contains a large amount of vitamin C.
Gummy sticks are made of peaches, apples, raspberries with the addition of rowan or currant. This allows to diversify the taste of sweets and pamper young gourmets.
Marmalade is very beneficial for children because it:
• is a low-sugar diet’s product;
• contains pectin that cleanses the body of toxins and slags and helps the digestive tract work properly;
• contains agar-agar - a gelling agent derived from algae that are rich in vitamins and microelements.
• marmalade helps to fight stress and depression and makes you feel good.
Chewy Marmalade
Buying chewing marmalade in bulk, you get a healthy product. In addition, it does not stick to hands because of the presence in the composition of a mixture of beeswax and vegetable fat. Beeswax is rich in vitamins and biologically active substances. Its chewing promotes natural cleansing of teeth from plaque which leads to disinfection of the entire oral cavity. Vegetable fat is rich in amino acids and also, contains calcium in its composition. Therefore, chewing marmalade will be a healthy alternative to a regular chewing gum.
Buy marmalade by wholesale
Confitrade offers to buy marmalade in bulk at affordable prices from various manufacturers. Marmalade is not only tasty, but also a healthy delicacy because it is prepared from natural ingredients. For hardening, manufacturers use pectin, gelatin, and agar-agar — absolutely harmless ingredients for kids.
Confitrade is a domestic trademark that is engaged in wholesales of toys and sweets. All products are of high quality which is confirmed by certificates. The assortment consists of both products of well-known licensed trademarks and of products of own production. You can buy sweets in large quantities, including marmalade, by wholesale.
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