Kikoriki - a popular Russian cartoon about a company of funny round characters.

Kikoriki is a friendly company of funny round characters that do not have analogs in the world. The stories of the adventures remain very popular for 15 years. The cartoon Kikoriki are broadcasted in 90 countries; in Russia, it is regularly in broadcasted of the channels: Channel One, STS, Carousel, Pyatnica, Mult, Detskiy, and etc. There are 3 seasons of the cartoon (377 series) and 3 full-length animated movies presented: Kikoriki. Beginning, Kikoriki. Legend of the Golden Dragon and Kikoriki. Deja Vu.

Every child of 3-12 years old is familiar with the heroes. Kikoriki are frequent guests of children’s festivals, concerts, and holidays. In support of the brand, more than 6000 products are produced, among which: magazines, toys, clothes, and stationery. More than 50 mobile applications were created, and they have been downloaded more than 1 million times. The YouTube channel has already gotten 4.5 billion views.

Products Kikoriki by Confitrade are presented in the popular categories: Sweet Box, «Chocolate eggs», «Plastic eggs», «Gift sets», «Cookies», «Candy-sprays», «Chewing candy», «Chewing gum», «Caramel Candy», «Toys», and «Marshmallow».
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