Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty, the critically acclaimed animated series from Turner’s Adult Swim, follows a sociopathic genius scientist Rick and his easily influenced grandson on insanely dangerous (and colourful!) adventures across the universe…

Target audience of the series: 16-35 years old

The Russian box office presents 3,5 seasons of the animated series, and 65 new episodes have been confirmed. Facebook and Instagram accounts have millions of fans around the world, official social media groups (Facebook, Instagram) have more than 3.8 million subscribers, and videos have more than 253 million views on YouTube.   

The cartoon won 9 IGN Awards and 2 Annie Awards

In support of the brand are produced: toys, clothing, appliances, household goods, travel accessories, Board games, printed products, computer games, food. Pocket Mortys mobile app - more than 22.7 million downloads.

"Rick and Morty" products range is presented by Confitrade in the following categories: Caramel, Chewing candy, Chewing gum

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