Masha and The Bear

Masha and The Bear - a popular Russian cartoon about adventures of the restless girl Masha, getting into amusing situations, and her loyal friend the Bear. Masha and The Bear is in the TOP-3 of favorite European brands. The leader among cartoons according to Google Trends, this cartoon is translated in 35 languages. Broadcastings of this cartoon are going 365 days a year at children’s prime-time on the leading children’s channels: Carousel, Mult, Tlum HD, and etc. Mobile applications with the heroes were downloaded more than 100 million times. Masha and The Bear are favorite guests of children’ parties and performances.

The products Masha and The Bear by Confitrade is, the first of all, products for improvement of health: hematogen and ascorbic acid. The products are also presented in the categories: Sweet Box, «Cookies», «Dragee», «Plastic eggs», «Chocolate», «Caramel Candy» and «Marmalade»
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