Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is the American company’s Mattel trademark. For a long time, the brand was known as a manufacturer of the car models produced in the ratio 1:64 to the original. The first cast toy car Hot Wheels was appeared in 1968. Since that time, many leading automakers provide drawings before the release of their new products so that Hot Wheels had time to make the appropriate toy models. Thus, Hot Wheels, from usual children’s toys, quickly became collectible objects.

Hot Wheels organizes crazy racings around the world and in every house. The YouTube channel of Hot Wheels tells about incredible tracks, races, and life hacks using toys. The trade-marketing support of the brand gathers many buyers that desire to touch the legendary cars.

Confitrade regularly updates assortment of this license including the collection of the cars that especially selected for every product.

Products Hot Wheels by Confitrade are presented in the categories: «Sweet Boxes», «Chocolate eggs», «Kidsboxes», «Mealy», «Chewing candy», «Chewing gum», and «Marmalade»
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