The Fixies

The Fixies - a popular Russian cartoon about little men living inside devices and fixing breakdowns that is created by Aeroplan studio and based on a popular tale. The fixies are real masters of their stuff. The entertaining stories are regularly broadcasted on the channels: Carouse, STS, Mult, Tlum HD, Detskiy, and etc. The cartoon got the award Multimir (Russian animation industry award Multimir) in the category Best animated cartoon.

     In 2017, the full-length cartoon The Fixies: Top secret came out, and it got to the TOP-10 of Russian movies by its box office and a number of viewers. In December 2019, the premiere of the cartoon The Fixies against Krabots will take place.
     In support of the brand, mobile applications (more than 1 million downloads), magazines, books, stationery, clothes, and etc. are produced. The Fixies are favorite guests of children’s festivals, holidays, and shows.

    Products The Fixies by Confitrade are presented in the categories: Sweet Box, Kids Box, «Chocolate eggs», «Plastic eggs», «Toys», «Caramel Candy», «Chocolate», «Marshmallow», «Candy-sprays», and «Chewing gum»
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