DC is a universe based on popular comics owned by Warner Bros.Entertainment company. The character recognition rating (Batman, Superman, Joker, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow) is more than 96%. Based on the comics, many movies and cartoons have been shot. The characters’ stories are regularly on the TV channels:  Channel One, STS, Carousel, Cartoon Network, TNT.

In 2017, the total box office of the company was $1,78 млрд. In 2019, cinema screens will present several movies: The Lego Movie 2, Shazam, and in 2020, the premiere Wonder Woman: 1984 will take place.

In support of the brand, comics (more than 800 thousand was sold in Russia), toys, clothes, sweet, stationery, mobile applications (rating 9.5 from 10 according to IGN) are produced.

Products DC by Confitrade are presented in the category Chocolate, Dragee, Cookies.

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