Hematogen is not just a tasty delicacy, but also a valuable source of nutrients. The product is considered to be one of the best prophylactic treatments for children. Hematogen is one of the favorite children's delicacies from the Soviet era to our time. However, in the first place, this product is valuable by its composition: it contains food albumin that is rich in iron, proteins, and other beneficial substances. Despite of the modern abundance of medicines, the famous bar does not lose its popularity. Most parents prefer proven methods and willingly buy hematogen for children as a medicine and prophylactic treatment.
Because of to its concentrated composition, the product complexly affects the body:
• fills the lack of useful elements;
• improves the immune system and prevents the development of infectious diseases;
• has a beneficial effect on blood circulation;
• has a positive effect on other organs and systems.
The main advantage of the product is the minimum number of contraindications. Almost all of them are associated with allergies to a particular substance in the composition, but such cases are extremely rare. Customers of your store will be satisfied with the purchase, and children will be delighted with the delicacy’s taste and a bright packaging design. Today, it is possible to find cartoon characters, both of recent years and Soviet times, on our packaging designs.
Buy children’s hematogen by wholesale
We offer to purchase hematogen in bulk from well-known and reputable manufacturers. The quality is confirmed by licenses and certificates that meet state standards. This is important since the recipe of the manufacture of hematogen directly affects its effectiveness.
Classic children's taste of hematogen reminds toffee, but the modern assortment is various. Delicacy may contain condensed milk, honey, nuts, coconut flakes, and various fruit flavors improving the taste. Kids will be happy to experiment with new flavors, and adults will enjoy the traditional bar which has been known to them since their childhood. For many people, this is not just a sweet, but a kind of symbol that unites generations. Such a well-known and well-loved product will never get dusty on a shelve without attention. Today, hematogen is relevant not only for pharmacies, but also for any children's and grocery stores. The product will always be in demand and establish trustful relationships with your buyers, whose health you care about

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