Chewing Gum

Chewing gum — a product whose popularity can not be overestimated. During its long history, chewing gum has changed its composition and appearance, but has not lost its functions, for which it was invented. Confitrade invites all entrepreneurs to buy chewing gum wholesale for profitable and rapid implementation.
Gum — undeniable benefits

At all times, people felt the need for chewing, not related to eating. First of all, this was due to elementary hygiene measures: thus a person cleansed the oral cavity from food residues. In addition, chewing gum helped and continues to help a person in establishing communication links. After all, the aroma of chewing gum refreshes the breath and relieves a person from complexes when communicating.

The damage from the chewing gum is conditioned by its abuse. To clean the teeth and give the breath freshness without danger to health, it is necessary to chew the product for 5-10 minutes, and then dispose of it.
Chewing gum: composition

The basis of chewing gum is a safe for human health polymer-rubber, and the remaining ingredients are food flavors, dyes, and sweeteners. Sweeteners: sorbitol and xylitol are dietary substitutes for sugar. Xylitol is an unfavorable environment for the development of pathogenic microflora, so it is approved for use by leading dentists in the world. Gum wholesale from our company is the certified products safe for health of adults and children.
Gum wholesale

Purchased chewing gum wholesale — is a popular product for uninterrupted trade. Chewing gum is successfully sold in all grocery stores, gas stations, catering establishments, entertainment centers. This culinary product is an invariable component of the consumer's food basket, so it is provided with operational implementation.

Confitrade specializiruetsya on selling products to children, therefore, bears full responsibility for its quality. Buy gum wholesale in the company — means to purchase original products from manufacturers, with the presence of accompanying documentation.
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