Dragee - the favorite sweet of more than one generation. The mere mention of it makes us back to a carefree childhood, where the sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and sweets are tastier. These round colored balls appeal with their shape, color, and size, and it is difficult to deny yourself in the pleasure and not to try the bright "pebbles". There are many types of dragee. There are used the most popular - chocolate, mint, and sugar in children's sets. Mint dragee are candy with the addition of peppermint extract. It provides a pleasant chill and fresh breath. For a child, this is a reason to get acquainted with new taste sensations, and for adults, it is a convenient alternative to chewing gum.
Confitrade offers mint dragee by wholesale from trusted manufacturers. Chocolate dragee - a classic of confectionery production. Balls with a shell of white and milk chocolate covered with bright glaze – a real celebration of taste. Any child will be happy to receive a package of multi-colored chocolate in the form of dragee. It is no wonder because it is tasty, convenient, beautiful, and, in reasonable quantities, healthy. For an adult lover of chocolate dragee will be suitable candy without additional color frosting. Sugar dragee - a delicacy with a glossy shell. The body is prepared on the basis of large crystals of granulated sugar by rolling it in dragee-making equipment with sugar powder. Large crystals of sugar are moistened with a syrup and then covered with fine powdered sugar with the addition of any derivatives. It can be fruit fillings or cocoa powder.
The sweets designed for children have more strict requirements for the quality of ingredients. Therefore, all our products have certificates that meet international standards.
Confitrade offers dragee in bulk from popular confectionery manufacturers whose products are designed for children - Trolls, My Little Pony, Angry Birds, The Minions, Paw Patrol, Disney and etc.
Tasty candy in combination with a collectible toy bring joy not only to children, but also to adults

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