Cookies - one of the most favorite delicacies among Russians. This is proved by statistics: the number of sales of cookies takes a leading place among all confectionery products - 22% of all sales of confectionery products in Russia. Among flour confectionery, the number is even more impressive - 60% of all sales.
Besides, cookies are not a seasonal product, and they are sold equally well in the warm and in the cold period of the year. That is why this product should be on the shelves of all grocery stores and supermarkets.
Many adults and children start their day with a portion of shortbread and tea. Also, this is a great product for snacking between main meals. It can be taken for a hike and for a walk. Cookies tolerate temperature drops and can be stored for a long time. In some cases, it may even become a substitute for the main product on the table - bread.
Cookies by wholesale fr om Confitrade
Confitrade offers a cooperation to representatives of small and large retail outlets, wholesalers, and companies working in the field of children’s food (kindergartens, schools, summer camps, and canteens).
We are engaged in wholesale sales and supply of licensed sweets and toys from famous brands in Russia, CIS countries, and Europe. A special place among our products takes cookies for children.
If you want to buy cookies in bulk, contact us. To do this, go to the "Contacts" page, wh ere you will need to fill out a feedback form. In the letter, state your question or suggestion in detail after which our manager will contact you

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