The sour taste of ascorbic acid’s tablets is equally known among children, their parents, and even parents of the parents.
In Soviet times, there were not so many alternatives to sweets as now, and therefore, ascorbic powder or tablets were worth their weight in gold among children and not only.
Times have been changed, but despite of the huge variety of confectionery these days, ascorbic acid is as popular as it was 50 or more years ago.
The secret of such success is not just in the known for everyone the sour taste of the acid, but also in its beneficial properties.
Beneficial properties of ascorbic acid for children
In 1928, scientists for the first time managed to get vitamin C in its pure form; it received the name of ascorbic acid (popularly ascorbinka). Four years later, it was proved that the lack of ascorbic acid in a human diet leads to scurvy. After that, the drug became demanded in pharmacology. Over time, ascorbic acid in pills and other forms was moved to shelves of grocery stores. 
Buy ascorbic acid by wholesale
We sell both our own products and products from licensed brands. Ascorbic acid for children is a product that does not need to be advertised, and it is well sold in any outlets located near children's establishments and pharmacies. Especially, ascorbic acid is popular in the period of the spread of acute respiratory infections.
We are ready to offer any amount of ascorbic acid in various formats: in tablets, in dragee, in powder, and ascorbic acid with glucose. All products are supplied in attracting packaging made by professional marketers; the products are clearly visible on shelves, and so they are quickly sold.
Ascorbic acid for children from our partners meets all pharmacological and nutritional standards and is recommended for children from 6 months. Our managers will provide the details about the delivery, payment, and partnership
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