Trolls is an animated movie produced by Dream Works Animation and based on a popular Trolls-dolls series. For the first time, the dolls with funny colorful hair created by the Dane Thomas Dam became known to the world in 1957. The second trend of the funny trolls was appeared because of a full-length musical comedy of 2016, and in 2018, broadcasts of the cartoon Trolls.The Beat goes on were started on TV screens. In March of 2020, the premiere of the full-length cartoon Trolls 2 is awaited.

In support of the brand, there are more than 500 types of products are produced: clothes, toys, stationery, sweets, and etc. The heroes are popular among children of 6 years old and older.

Products Confitrade are presented in the categories: «Sweet Boxes», «Kidsboxes», «Chocolate eggs», «Plastic eggs», «Marmalade», «Marshmallow», «Caramel Candy», «Dragee», «Chewing candy», «Chewing gum», and «Healthy products»

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