Star Wars

Star Wars – a cult fantastic saga, the rights on which have been belonged to Disney since 2012.
Star Wars is a cult fantastic saga including in itself 10 movies (8 episodes and 2 movies-stories), as well as animated movies, cartoons, books, comics, and video games. All works are connected by a single storyline, and the action takes place in the fantastic universe of Star Wars.
The characters of the saga are famous for children as well as for adults. The movies are regularly broadcasted on the leading TV channels. In December of 2019, the new movie Star Wars: Episode IX is awaited.
In support of the brand, there are produced: toys, stationery and book products, games, clothes, sport goods, dishes, jewelry, sweets, and etc.

Products Confitrade are presented in the categories: «Sweet Boxes» and «Sweet Boxes Premiere»

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