Kikoriki is a friendly family of funny round body characters: Krash, Rosa, Chiko, Barry, Carlin, Wally, Olga, Pin, Dokko, Bibi. All friends have unique characters and hobbies.

Every child at the age of 3-12 years knows these characters. On weekends, Kikoriki adventures are broadcasted on Russian "Pervy" channel. Also the animated series are shown on the leading children's TV channels: "Carousel" and "Mult". Kikoriki are frequent guests of the program "Good night, kids!" (Russian TV program for children), children's festivals, concerts and holidays. There are monthly "Kikroriki" and "World of Kikoriki" magazines published.

Kikoriki. Pin-Code is a popular science series about the new exciting adventures of Kikoriki, exploring the Universe on the unique flying machine "Sharolyot" invented by Pin. In a fascinating form, the cartoon tells about the surrounding world and its laws, about the latest inventions and the development of modern science, thereby forming an interest in inventing, natural sciences and technical creativity of children.

Kikoriki. Legend of Golden Dragon is a full-length animated film about the incredible adventures of Kikoriki in the centre of wild jungle.

Confitrade Kikoriki items are presented in all the product categories, the most popular are Gummy, SweetBox's, Toys, Chocolate Eggs, Healthy products, Plastic Eggs and Capsules, Gift Sets, Chewy Candy, Dragee, Hard Candy, Marshmallow.

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