Robocar Poli

Robocar Poli is not just an entertaining cartoon. It is a very useful learning content. The plot develops in small Brooms Town, where people and cars live, and each of them has its own history and character. Every day in the city there are new incidents, but the residents of Broums Town have nothing to worry about, because Robocar team always comes to the rescue!
Target audience: boys and girls aged 3 to 6 years, as well as their parents.
Brand support:

  • TV: The premiere of Robocar Poli series on Russian TV was held in February 2013 on the channel "Carousel". The 1st season has 52 series, 11 minutes each. The 2nd season started on the channel "STS", and lasted from August 30 to November 22, at 7:30 AM. The 3rd and 4th seasons came out in 2014-2015. Full-length animated film is planned for the end of 2018 – start of 2019
  • DIGITAL: official Robocars' wesbite Video on You channels: "Umniye deti TV", "Teremok TV", on-line games and applications, Co-promo on (gifts for the purchase of cartoons)
  • PR support on the resources of "Gulliver"
  • PROMO: Joint events with Hyundai (together with dealer centres), with a network of cinemas "Formula Kino" + pre-video before children's movies. "Safe Wheel" educational programs with GIBDD (Russian traffic police). Branded zones in the city of Kydburg professions (entertainment park), the opening of the cinema "Formula Kino" on Lubyanka street (Moscow). Pobocar Poli licensed show
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