Be-Be-Bears - a popular Russian cartoon about adventures of the friends: brown little bear Bucky and white little bear Bjorn.

Be-Be-Bears is a popular children’s tv-series about adventures of a fairy forest’s inhabitants: brown little bear Bucky, white little bear Bjorn, their friend Little Fox, chick Chicky, mole Valya, and others. The cartoon prompts how to live in harmony with nature and to be developed, enthusiastic, and loving science and technology at the same time. Also, this tv-series teaches children that friendship overcomes any obstacles. The cartoon is translated on the popular children’s channels: Carousel, Detskiy, Mult, Tlum HD, and Ani. In support of the brand, 6 mobile applications were released (more than 9 million downloads). These games are in TOP-10 of the best applications for a whole family according to Google Play.

Products Confitrade are presented in the categories: Sweet Box, «Chocolate eggs», «Marmalade», «Caramel Candy», «Marshmallow», «Cookies», «Gift sets», and «Toys».

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