Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear is a cheerful Russian animated series about the adventures of the restless girl Masha, who constantly finds herself in various funny situations, and her faithful friend the Bear, the former circus star bailing her out of difficulties.

Masha and the Bear are popular among 3-8 years old children, teenagers and parents. The cartoon "Masha and the Bear" is regularly shown in the program "Good Night, Kids" (one of the most famous Russian children’s TV programs), and on the leading children's Russian TV channels: "Carousel", "Mult". Masha and the Bear are favourite guests of children's parties and performances. Images of characters are on clothes and stationery products. Monthly magazine "Masha and the Bear" describes new adventures and fun of Masha and her friends.

Masha and the Bear from Confitrade is, first of all, products for health: Hematogen (albumin nutrition bar) and Ascorbic acid candy. The products are also presented in the categories: SweetBox's, Hard Candy, Cookies, Dragee, Plastic Eggs and Capsules.

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