Enchantimals - a line of dolls of the Mattel company. Enchantimals are magic girlfriends caring about their favorite friends-animals. The girlfriends live in a wonder forest in harmony with nature. They are inseparable with their furry friends, and even their personality traits and individual characteristics are similar. In the Enchantimals world, nothing is more important than friendship, and any miracles are possible.

In the support of the brand, the full-length cartoon Enchantimals. Finding home and animated movie Enchantimals.Tales from Everwilde were released. The stories on the official Russian YouTube channel have more than 10 million views. The characters tell about the main values: friendship, care, and team interaction; also, they instill in children compassion and taking care of each other.

Products Confitrade are presented in the categories: «Sweet Boxes» and «Gift sets».

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