The Emoji Movie

     The Emoji Movie - a popular animated movie created by Sony Pictures Animation studio. It is a story about the Emoji’s and his friends’ journey inside a teenager’s phone.

Emoji (emodzi, emoji) are symbols, «smileys» used instead of words to express emotions. Emoji evoked a response in the heart of every Internet user. They are used in all popular social media and mobile applications for an instant messages’ exchange.

In 2017, the comedy The Emoji Movie created by Sony Pictures Animation studio came out. It was a story about an Emoji that is traveling with his friends inside a teenager’s phone. The Nickelodeon TV-channel nominated the movie for the Kid’s Choice award in the category Favorite animated movie.

Emoji spread all over the world because they are very helpful, funny, and cute. They proved they are capable of many things! In support of the brand, toys, household goods, stationery, board games, clothes are produced; flash mobs and large-scale promotions in cinemas and catering restaurants are taking place. Emoji are actively engaged by the world culture; popular rock- and pop-stars use smileys in their clips, music videos, and appeals.
Production Confitrade is presented in the categories: «Marmalade», «Chewing gum», «Chewing candy», «Caramel Candy», «Toys», and «Candy-sprays»

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