Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a puzzle game about confrontation of birds and pigs, capturing the minds of children and adults. According to the legend, evil pigs stole eggs of birds to cook scrambled eggs. The birds turned angry and rushed to save their youngins.

The game is popular among children aged 9 years and older.

There are several versions of the game: Angry Birds, Angry Birds GO, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Star Wars and others. The birds’ adventures are shoot in animation series, that you can watch on a specially created interactive web-site. In 2016 it was presented a full-length animated film "The Angry Birds Movie". The items made under the brand are clothes, stationery, board games, X-Box games, DVD’s, stuffed toys; also there were opened several amusement parks.

Angry Birds products from Confitrade are presented in the following categories: SweetBox’s, Toys, Chocolate Eggs and Balls, Hard Candy, Gummy, Chewy Candy, Chocolate, Dragee, Healthy Products, Bubble Gum, Sweets packed in shaped Tin boxes, Cookies, Marshmallow and Gift Sets.

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