Angry Birds

     Angry Birds - the famous in the whole world puzzle game about confrontation of birds and pigs created by the Finnish company Rovio.
     The game became available for downloading in 2009 and gained popularity with staggering speed. Two months after launch – 2 million downloads, one year after – 50 million. By 2017, the game was downloaded more than 4 billion times. The mobile application is in TOP-50 of the best games and is popular among children of 9 years old and older.

     There are 20 versions of the game Angry Birds released including co-branded: Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Star Wars, and etc. The cartoon about adventures of birds and pigs is presented in Runet and on TV and regularly translated on the Carousel channel as well as in internet-cinemas and on the official channel YouTube Angry Birds. Based on the game created two full-length cartoon. There are clothes, stationery, board games, games for X-box, DVD, and stuffed toys produced under the brand; large-scale promotions are taking place, amusement parks are open.

Products Angry Birds by Confitrade are presented in the categories: «Sweet Boxes», «Toys», «Chocolate balls», «Caramel Candy», «Chewing candy», «Dragee», «Healthy products», «Chewing gum» and «Plastic eggs»
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