Sweet Box

Sweet Box — the whole world in one box! There are a big collectible toy and delicious marmalade with natural juice inside. Our own brand бренд Sweet Box is not just a leader, but a trendsetter in the category Candy&Toys!

Toys inside the Sweet Box are not just big in size, but they also outstand with their high quality and perfect detalization. Many of the collectible toys Sweet Box have a flock (velvet) coating.
There are fr om 6 to 10 characters presented in the collections. It is guaranteed to gather the whole collection fr om one block.

The collections Sweet Box are unique and protected by patents and authors’ right. Our own collections: Fluffies, Pony, Cuties already got their fans not just in Russia, bit all over the world.

There are many famous characters from popular animated movies which are really beloved by children among the heroes of the Sweet Box universe: Disney.Frozen, Disney.Cars and many others. Especially for girls, we present the collections of miniature dolls Enchantimals, Disney Princesses with their pets, and the most amicable on the Planet ponies - My Little Pony. For boys – the collections of race cars Hot Wheels and brave heroes of the cartoons Paw Patrol. We cooperate with the creators of the popular Russian cartoons: Kikoriki, The Fixies, Masha and The Bear and Be-Be-Bears.

The characters of the collections open the wonderful world of toys, involve into a game, give children joy and unforgettable impressions. Sweet Box already has a huge number of fans. There are official groups in social media: VK, where you can find news about new collections, chat with Sweet Box’s fans, participate in different competitions, and win prizes.
And even more... Sweet Box has a mobile application in the format of augmented reality with games and the collections’ descriptions.

Children from the whole world love and gather the Sweet Box collections!