The responsibility to children is on the 1st place!

Confitrade is the absolute leader of Candy&Toys segment. Reaching this level is ensured by conformity of goods to the world quality standards. As our items are intended for children, high standards uphold is in our priority.
In order to protect the health of children, we established for ourselves 7 key rules for creation of products:

1. Certification and testing of products
All products are tested for compliance with safety requirements. The check is carried out both at the stage of prototypes (preliminary tests) and at the stage of certification. Our goods are certified according to European standards, every month we receive certificates for toys and confectionery products fr om our manufacturers. Besides, we hold additional tests in independent European laboratories.
2. Own quality control system
The Company has established a specialized Quality Department that keeps end-to-end control at all stages of product's way, fr om development to retail sale. Confitrade provides incoming control of all the goods delivered to the Company's warehouses. The control system is unique for this business sphere. After products sale, we continuously collect information about the quality that comes from our trading partners’ companies and buyers.
3. Legal control of producers
Confitrade orders products only from manufacturers with a good reputation, which have modern equipment, a perfect system of quality management and control certified by independent organizations. With all our suppliers we concluded special agreements, establishing the terms of quality. During the manufacturing we carry out multistage quality control of goods. In order to provide the direct control, Confitrade has its permanent representatives in the countries wh ere the partner factories are located. The product won't be shipped from the manufacturing factory without preliminary testing of the sample.
4. Control of production by world right holders
Enhanced control of producers (suppliers) is also undertaken by right holders, such brands as Disney, Mattel, Hasbro and other. The output of products under these licenses is allowed only at those enterprises that were checked and authorized by the right holders. The licensors carry out regular audits of production and documentation of the companies making the items under their trademark.
5. Use of natural ingredients
The Company's products are manufactured using natural ingredients. In addition to natural colours and additives, we use, for example, natural juice for a large range of gummies.
6. Production of healthy items
At the moment in this category Confitrade produces hematogen (albumin nutrition bar), ascorbic acid candies, dragees with vitamins and others. We expanded the sales market by creating the products for pharmacy channel.

7. Company staff at remote productions
To monitor compliance with the quality requirements in the countries wh ere our suppliers are located, permanent representatives of the Company work at places. They are full-time employees who have a long working experience in the Company. Their task is to regularly inspect production lines and warehouses of manufacturers in order to check production conditions, as well as the quality of products before the order manufacturing is finished. During the period of our representatives' work hundreds of inspections were carried out, and numerous acceptance of goods were made. We consider this form of work very advanced. You can hardly find such a control scheme at our competitors.